A healthy, nutritious diet is the key to a happy and healthy Bernedoodle. However, it’s not always easy to pinpoint the right diet for your Bernedoodle given what’s on the market. 

If you’re seeking some clear guidelines on choosing the right food that is healthy and nutritious for your Bernedoodle, you’re in the right place! Keep reading to learn more.

Choose products that prioritize real meat in their ingredients.

When choosing a food product for your Bernedoodle, ask yourself, “Does this product list real meat, poultry, or fish as the first ingredient?” 

Feeding your Bernedoodle foods with real meat will work wonders for maintaining optimal health. 

They are the source of essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that your Bernedoodle needs to thrive and grow. If real meat is listed, you’re a step closer to ensuring balanced nutrition in their diet. 

Avoid animal by-products and fillers.

Animal by-products and fillers are often found in lower-quality pet foods. However, they can be incredibly difficult for Bernedoodles to tolerate. 

Foods that contain animal by-products are substantially low in true meat content and can even increase the chance of sickness. 

Additionally, fillers in food can deprive your Bernedoodle of getting the nutrition that they need, which can impact their overall wellbeing. Avoid fillers and animal by-products to keep their health on the right track. 

Seek products with healthy fats.

Bernedoodles are known for their beautiful coats and diet plays a key role in that!

Foods that are high in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids can help keep your Bernedoodle’s skin healthy and coat shiny. They are also a great source of energy to meet your Bernedoodle’s daily needs. 

Stick to antioxidant-rich formulas. 

A healthy pup is a happy pup! Products that are rich in antioxidants are crucial to building and maintaining a healthy immune system. 

When you choose products that prioritize antioxidants in their formula, you can have peace of mind that their needs are being prioritized, too. 

What is the best brand for your Bernedoodle? 

When it comes to choosing the best brand of food for your Bernedoodle, we recommend pawTree. It checks every box listed above, plus so much more. 

From the puppy stage to your Bernedoodle’s golden years, the high-quality, antioxidant-rich formula of pawTree places your dog’s health first. Their formulas are also veterinarian-approved, as they were developed by veterinarians!

We hope that you’ve found this article helpful when it comes to feeding your Bernedoodle! Have questions regarding Bernedoodle diet and nutrition? Drop them in the comments or feel free to reach out to us!